What if it is really windy?

We have tested phoamy in wind conditions of 85 km/h, which is almost the same as a storm. Even in these dreadful conditions the sound was clear with no wind noise. See how it works at our YouTube Channel.

Does phoamy work in rainy weather?
Yes, but if it rains heavily the phoamy will get wet and it needs to dry. Pull the phoamy off the microphone and let it dry on the cord.

Does phoamy work on all headsets?
No, sorry – phoamy is made to fit perfectly to Apple headsets. It might fit just fine on other brands, but at the moment we only design for Apple products. Please check our facebook page for new updates on this topic. 

Does phoamy work on a motorcycle?
It works on a scooter, but if you are doing 100, some wind noise is likely to be heard.

Does phoamy have an indoor function?
A phoamy takes the wind noise from the letters P, S and T, but it is primarily a product to be used outside since wind noise indoors is rare :-) However we have a lot of customers who also prefer to use a phoamy in e.g. office environments since it seems to improve background noise. We have no definite evidence for this yet, but we do agree – a phoamy on your headset microphone improves the sound experience during the call.

How long does a phoamy last?
It depends on how you treat it. Some of our test persons have had it for more than a year. We usually say that a phoamy probably outlives your headset. Please also notice that you can actually wash your phoamy if you slide it away from the microphone and gently wash it by hand without damaging your headset wire or microphone.

Where can I buy it?
The newest design are available right her on this site.  

Can I move the phoamy to another headset?
No, sorry. The glue is so strong that if you try to pull the phoamy off your headset, it will break the foam; not the glue. That means that there is no more glue to assemble the phoamy with. 

How often do you present new designs?
We consider phoamy as a fashion accessory. Therefore we have an annual collection and special editions.

Is the shipping paid for?
Free shipping on orders at min. 149 DKK 

How long does a delivery take?
We will ship your order within 2-5 days. You will receive an order confirmation upon shipping. In Denmark the delivery time is 1 working day as we send your order as a Quickbrev. In countries abroad the delivery time varies depending on the destination. Please find more info under 'we ship to' in the head menu.