The birth of a great idea

A couple of years ago, the inventor of phoamy, Kenneth Tram, held a marketing meeting with a circus. After the meeting he was heading home on his bike, when his wife called him up on his phone. It was not particularly windy, but still she couldn’t hear him over the noise of the wind, and she wanted to hang up. 

Then he remembered something ... 

In his pocket he had a clown nose from the meeting with the circus. For some reason he grabbed it, placed it around the microphone of his headset – and bingo! The wind noise was gone and phoamy® was born.

At phoamy® we want to be able to communicate freely – no matter where we are. That's why we invented phoamy.

phoamy® is a part of No Noise Agency. A company that works with noise reduction design.


Kenneth Tram – Inventer and founder

 - Kenneth Tram, Founder